Claudia Nascimento


Claudia Nascimento is a mathematician, Ph.D in Science that had a life changing event in 2016 when she discovered she was pregnant. If having a baby doesn’t mean a big change to you, wait…there’s more. Claudia was teaching in a university in Brazil while her husband was working in San Diego, CA and the pregnancy changed everything! She left Brazil and moved to California to raise her new family. But, unlike in Brazil, in San Diego she was not allowed to work because of VISA restrictions. It was a challenge because she could never see herself not working and not feeling independent as she always dreamed. She gave birth to her son, he grew and just recently he started going full-time to a day care. Claudia just wanted to fill her time up with something that she really loved and enjoyed doing. Something to make her feel alive and active again. One day, looking on Instagram, she got inspired by some lettering and calligraphy posts and decided to write some quotes herself with a little calligraphy experience. She remembered when she was just a little girl and her father encouraged her to write and draw letters to improve her calligraphy. Claudia bought new pens, borrowed some calligraphy books from the library and the studies started. Shortly after, she saw on the internet an embroidery hoop as a home decoration item. It threw her back to her childhood again and she remembered the time she spent stitching with her grandma. One day, she took one lettering she had been making before and decided to embroidery it. It was not easy… it took her forever to finish. Stitching is a good way to learn how to be patience. In the end she realized it was totally worth it. The time spend stitching was like a therapy to her and give her a beautiful home decoration item. That’s how Between Letters and Stitches was born. Life is crazy, tough, but between changing diapers, making dinner and cleaning the house, there’s always letters and stitches to make everything better.